• Silver Wedding Cake
  • Dietetic Cupcakes

    Dietetic Cupcakes

    Good, sweet, healthy, no sugar!

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  • Hand and home made

    All the sweet things you see on this site, are made by me, in my house, with my own hands!!

  • Healthy and natural

    The products used for this cakes and sweets are fresh, high quality and mostly natural.

  • Tasty!

    You cand just see the comments.... :D

My hobby

This is not an online store or a business!

Everything you see here, it's made of pure passion, for me and my friends! I do not own a store or sell... bla bla bla!

But i hope, after some time, to make it a store, so now i am gathering adepts for cakes and other sweets :D

I hope you'll enjoy what you see here and for those who tasted, leave some comments.