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Tasty and beautiful cakes in Prague

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Who am I ?

I knew for long time that I have a passion for cakes decorations, but my studies were my priority. Everything started in 2013 when I left my original country.

I started to bake for my friends and apply my imagination on every cake I’ve made. In the beginning I was autodidact, then I started to attend different workshops in different countries (Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Portugal) and I participated to some competitions in Poland and Czech Republic.

My passion started to grow, the orders started to multiply and the ordinary customers to become loyal customers. I worked in an IT multinational company for 6 years and in parallel I baked cakes.

Life is too short to say NO to cakes! 

In the end of 2018 I decided that is time to move to Prague to start and follow my dream. All my cakes are different, unique, as each of us is. Each cake is personalized based on your wishes and my experience.

I love cakes and I must mention that I’m not a sugar fan so all my cakes have a small quantity of sugar and this makes them healthier.

Also, all the ingredients that I use are high quality. I do not use mixtures, puddings or margarine.

“I truly believe that behind each cake there is a story and my goal is to create the cake of your dreams, a cake that has a unique story every single time.”

Did you decide aready?

If you decided to have an unique cake and to keep great memories of your events also after many years, there is only one thing to do: click the button bellow.

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